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Melt on Mondays
Melt on Mondays

Mo., 04. Dez.



Melt on Mondays

Melt on Mondays is filled with embodied practices to connect with your heart and body melted together with steamy sauna sessions

Zeit & Ort

04. Dez. 2023, 18:00 – 23:00

Berlin, Moosdorfstraße 7-9, 12435 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Welcome to our first Melt On Monday - The Mari & Ella Edition

Join us for a delicious Monday evenings, slowing down, softening and expanding at the Urban Healing Unit at Treptower Park, Berlin with Mari, Ella & Emmeline.

This is Melt On Mondays:

Melt on Mondays is filled with embodied practices to connect with your heart, cacao rituals, sound healing journeys & meditation melted together into wonderful evening with some steamy infusions in the sauna.

Melt on Mondays happens every first Monday of the month and is the perfect transition in the new month with deep relaxation, getting out of your mind and into your body.

Each Melt On Monday evening begins with a mini workshop or guided emboded practice to start the evening off and set the vibe.

What to expect this time

Programme on December 4 , 18- 23:30

18:00 Entry

18:30 BioDynamic Breathwork and Integration by Ella

from 19:30 We continue the evening by melting off the excess and melting into softness. You can indulge for 3 hours in a Finnish sauna with aromatic infusions and a cozy lounge to relax, melt and connect to yourself and others.

20:30 Guided mini-massage session by Mari after our first sauna infusion, partner up and indulge in guided massage exchange

Addibles and Bookables:

Cold non-alcoholic Drinks from the Bar, Raw Cacao, Teas, Soup, Snacks, Towels can be booked and received on site

Holistic Massage and Bodywork Sessions with Mari or Ella

60 min a 90 €

90 min a 120 €

We have limited availablity for our cherished bodywork sessions. So please book in advance to reserve the spot for you!

Introduction to your Hosts This is Mary aka Marianne Schmidt

Massage therapist, holistic bodyworker, yoga instructor, mother and founder of Soul Treats (she/her)

"I am fascinated by and never cease to study the human anatomy and the connection between the psyche and the physical. I love my work - both teaching yoga and treating my clients - professionally since 2009.

Taping into many methods of body work, I treat holistically by aligning the physical body with the aim of restoring balance on the emotional and energetical levels.

Breath is a guide in all my work. I offer my clients a channel to experience loving kindness through deep listening and a healing touch.

All my treatments are flowing, slow, deep, and deeply relaxing, soft or strong, self-accepting. "


Soul Treats Website: 

This is Ella

Ella is trained in Somatic Psychotherapy, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System as well as various Massage techniques. She sees the body as the souls translator into the visible and is fascinated by the healing intelligence that lives in the cells and structures of the body, especially the autonomic nervous system.

Her passion is to bring awareness to the unconscious, repressed parts that cause limitations inside her clients and to lovingly call them back home. She holds space to safely release and process pent-up emotions and stuck tension stored in the body and offers new and healthy embodied experiences of wholeness, connection and empowerment.


The Topic of the Workshop:

BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System© is a revolutionary therapeutic approach combining the 6 elements conscious connected breath, movement, sound, gentle emotional release, touch, and meditation. This felt-sense experience is designed to connect deeply with the body in the Here and Now and carefully break through layers of protective body armoring.

The combination of the 6 elements will allow your system to gently open up from within and release stuck energy, tension and stress from the cellular memories of your nervous system.

In the class we will also work with cultivating resources, resilience and a feeling of safety within the body. You will expand your capacity to contain the whole range of emotions, felt sensations and the free flow of your life force energy.

As a result you will feel more connected to your true self, present and lighter in your body as well as more open for the joy of life.

Let’s Melt together on Monday!

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